What Are Dan Tyre Office Hours?


Dan Tyre Office Hours are an opportunity for Dan to connect with entrepreneurs, job seekers, career changers, non-profits, students, and community leaders. He talks through their top issues and priorities to help brainstorm ideas and get people moving forward.

This unique concept came from Mike Volpe, CEO of Lola, who held office hours in Boston between jobs. Dan’s office hours are personally inspired by the exceptional mentors in his business career who helped him succeed. Since 2012, Dan has spent one day per month meeting with individuals, helping them solve their business and/or professional riddles, and finding mutual joy along the way.


Office Hours FAQ


Who is eligible?


How do I sign up?

If you are part of one of our partner co-working spaces then you should receive a monthly email with instructions for signing up. If not, you can book a virtual meeting here - go.dantyre.com/book-office-hour

What happens next?

To get the most out of the meeting, please send Dan one to three topics you would like to discuss in advance. The farthest in advance, the better for everyone, so he can get an idea of what you are thinking about and to better prepare.

Can I schedule more than one meeting?

Maybe, let's see how it goes!

What if I am in Budapest, Hungary?

We can easily do a Zoom call regardless of where you are located worldwide. 

What are some example questions that Dan can address?

How do I get a job? How do I boost sales? What is inbound? What is HubSpot? How can I get my team unstuck? How do I start (or scale) my business?

2024 Dates

01.19  - Galvanize PHX Downtown - Phoenix, AZ - SOLD OUT

02.16 - The Henry - Phoenix, AZ

04.12 - Co-Hoots - Phoenix, AZ

05.17 - Co-Hoots - Mesa, AZ

06.21 - Virtual

08.16 - Virtual

09.20 - Galvanize PHX Downtown - Phoenix, AZ

10.18 - The Henry - Phoenix, AZ

12.13 - Galvanize - Phoenix, AZ