What Are Dan Tyre Office Hours?


In an effort to maximize my time and help as many people as possible, I have set aside 15 days a year to meet in person, face-to-face, with anyone who would like to meet with me to help them reach their goals. We initiated this program in 2012, and it has been immensely rewarding. I've had the pleasure of meeting dozens of motivated individuals who are making significant contributions to the universe. I find it exhilarating to engage with people in person to understand their challenges, and leverage my business experience to help them move forward in a positive direction. As a business enthusiast, it's an incredibly fulfilling experience. In 2024, much of my work is conducted globally via video transmission, but there's something uniquely impactful about sitting (or standing) in the same room with another human and focusing on solving problems.

It's also an opportunity for me to connect with entrepreneurs, mentors, mentees, job seekers, investors, career changers, non-profit leaders, students, and community members who seek my advice or simply wish to meet and have coffee.

Office Hours initially began at The Henry restaurant in Central Phoenix, where Sam Fox and the local restaurant staff graciously allowed me to occupy a table all day with my laptop and excellent internet access. The Henry is a renowned location, offering great coffee and food, and provides an ideal setting for impromptu business connections. Over the years, we've expanded the concept to multiple locations, including local co-working spaces like Co-Hoots (Phoenix & Mesa), Galvanize and The Department

To participate, there are only a few requirements:

  1. Make an appointment using my scheduling link. Indicate whether you would prefer a 25-minute or 50-minute meeting. go.dantyre.com/book-office-hour
  2. Please email me before the meeting at dantyre@gmail.com with your name and "Office Hours Topics" in the subject line, and send me up to three topics you would like to discuss, with as much detail as possible. Sending the topics in advance allows me to consider the issues beforehand for better answers or involve other experts to provide additional value.
  3. If you need to cancel, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance so that someone else can take the slot. You can cancel though the scheduling link. 
  4. If you're running late, please text or email me. If you are more than 10 minutes late, we will need to reschedule.
  5. You can bring as many other people as you'd like (usually up to 3, depending on the location), which you can indicate on the meeting invite.
  6. If you're not in the local area, you can still participate. Please indicate "remote" in the scheduling link notes when you schedule and when you send me your topics in advance and I will set up a zoom.

The goal of this program is to help leaders solve problems by leveraging 40 years of business experience to assist individuals in establishing priorities, addressing challenges, and brainstorming ideas to overcome obstacles.

I learned this fascinating and impactful process from my friend Mike Volpe, former CEO of Lola and CMO of HubSpot, who held office hours in Boston while he was between jobs. Dan Tyre Office Hours are inspired by the numerous exceptional mentors who supported me throughout my business career and were always willing to meet with me when asked (as long as I bought them lunch).


Office Hours FAQ

Q: Who is eligible for Dan Tyre Office Hours (DTOH)?

A: Anyone who follows the rules.

Q:How do I sign up for DTOH?

A: If you are part of one of our partner co-working spaces, you should receive a monthly email with instructions for signing up for a face-to-face meeting. If you are not affiliated, you can book a meeting slot here.

Q: What happens after I schedule the meeting?

A: To get the most out of the meeting, please send me one to three topics you would like to discuss, along with supporting documentation, a few days in advance of the meeting. The more time you give me, the better prepared I can be.

Q: What happens if I forget to send you the topics in advance?

A: We can still meet, and I will do my best to assist you.

Q: Can I schedule more than one meeting?

A: Maybe. It depends on how the first meeting goes. :-)

Q: What if I am in Budapest, Hungary?

A: If you are not in the local area where we set up office hours, I can easily add a Zoom call. Please indicate "remote" in your sign-up. Office Hours are open to anyone anywhere in the world.

What are some example questions that Dan can address?

  • I am stuck on this problem, what should I do?
  • Who do I raise capital for my company? 
  • How do I create a better culture in my company? 
  • How did you write your book? 
  • How do I get a job?
  • How do I boost sales and get more customers?
  • What is Inbound?
  • What is HubSpot?
  • How can I get my team unstuck?
  • How do I start (or scale) my business?
  • How do I make 2024 my best year ever?

We look forward to meeting and helping you this year.

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2024 Dates

07.19 - Virtual

08.16 - Virtual

09.20 - Galvanize PHX Downtown - Phoenix, AZ

10.18 - The Henry - Phoenix, AZ

12.13 - Galvanize - Phoenix, AZ