Have more questions about what the Tyre Mentor Program entails? We might already have them answered.

What is the goal of a mentor relationship?

The goal of a mentor relationship is to provide a unique & helpful perspective to help a mentee live a full life, establish healthy relationships, solve problems, identify blind spots, make connections, accomplish goals and talk though difficult business or life decisions that are almost universal in society today.

Who would be a good mentor?

In most cases, a parent or immediate family member is not a great choice for a mentor relationship, because there are emotional implications that can cloud good judgement. The good news is that excellent mentors can be found everywhere! There are always people who are interested in helping other people and speaking from experience.

What is a Personal Board of Directors (PBOD)?

A PBOD consists of three people who provide different perspective on life and who know you well and can help you with life decisions. One implementation of this is identifying two or three different, but experienced, people who you can connect with via phone, face to face or over breakfast, lunch or dinner to help evaluate life decisions in a way that helps you get a range of opinions to arrive at an effective conclusion.

How do I start my involvement in the Program?

Getting involved starts with reading the book called Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals by Heidi Grant-Halvorson. After the mentee completes the reading, identifies at least one good mentor candidate and asks for their participation, the mentor relationship begins.

How often do mentors and mentees meet?

The mentor and mentee agree to a meeting schedule over the course of 12 months. It can either be monthly, every other month or ever quarter based on schedule, need and relationship fit.

How long do I stay in the Program?

After 12 months, the program can continue, or end based on preference of participants.