Tyre Mentor Program


The Tyre Mentor Program was created in 2013 to provide a framework for anyone who has the desire to connect with the right mentor and nurture the relationship in an effective low, hassle manner. Dan’s inspiration for the program was his own game-changing experiences he had early in his career with exceptional mentors who both encouraged and impressed him. Dan understands the correlation between achievement and mentorship and respects the intrinsic value of paying it forward. 

The goal of a mentor relationship is to provide a unique and helpful perspective to each mentee. The most successful partnerships will mutually inspire participants to live a full life, establish healthy relationships, solve problems, identify blind spots, make connections, accomplish goals, and discuss difficult business or life decisions that are universal in society today.


Program Structure

The Tyre Mentor Program process begins with the mentee doing the ground work to show preparedness. Next, a meeting cadence is established and goals are written. Every month, the mentee sends the mentor a monthly results email and they can discuss growth opportunities and goal progression. Each mentor relationship lasts at least one year, and can always be extended if mutually desired. 

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The Tyre Mentorship Program is taking applications for the upcoming class! Click below to apply to join the program. 

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