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We’ve had lots of speakers-all Tufts connected-ranging from HubSpot alums to heads of sales enablement at Oracle…never anyone as engaging and as informative as you!

Thank you so very much for the preparation and the extra special active engagement!

- Jack Derby, Derby Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts


I’m Anna Thoreau and have been under Dan Tyre’s guidance for a couple of months now. My mentorship with Dan has been transformational for my company Aesdiopod Designs. Dan’s experience cuts right to the heart of taking key actions that will yield significant gains and the confidence that goes with it. Dan’s enthusiasm and rock-solid belief in what I’m capable of producing is quite supportive as I’ve been finding myself in a lot of new un-chartered territory with my growing company. I’m excited to continue into the next quarter and review goals and continue to raise the bar! Thank’s Dan!

- Anna Thoreau, Aesdiopod Designs


"Dan doesn't just help you, he shows up for you and the things you care about. I'm not sure how he manages to do this for hundreds of other people but I watch him do it and we all marvel at his humility and kindness. He had been an incredible mentor to hundreds of us."

- Alysha Diminico, Tangible Words

"Dan, thanks so much for speaking with CO+HOOTS this month. You had some great new ideas I'm excited to put into practice, but (maybe even more importantly!) you took strategies I'd heard before and made them feel a lot more achievable. Now I'm ready to go kick some ass in 2021. Thanks again!"

- Colin Mattson


"Dan’s Bootcamp has enabled me to generate demand for AvsB Agency’s services effectively, whether through inbound leads or picking up the phone and following the steps. The most important lesson I learned from the Bootcamp is this: I am in control. Dan, thank you again for the Bootcamp, and thank you, HubSpot, for supporting your partners." Read More.

-Jeff Bulzak, AvsB Agency


"Dan Tyre elevates and accelerates my success rate with every single encounter. He has achieved so many great things, yet he remains humble, hungry, and smart. Dan is always cheering me on, and it has made all the difference. I know I'm not the only one."

-Ben Stroup, Velocity Strategy Solutions, LLC


"Dan Tyre is a pleasure to work with for a successful event. He's a seasoned speaker, has current marketing and sales expertise that resonates and draws registrations and keeps the audience engaged and entertained. I've recruited over 60 speakers from around the US & UK over the past decade for two different industry trade groups I've served on the board of. Dan also gets the logistical details and makes that low maintenance for event organizers, producers and promoters. I recommend you book him today to keep your attendees alert and engaged - maybe right before that break for happy hour :) "

-Brett Kaufman, 414digital

"As founder of DataSocial I have dedicated a lot of my time to get clients for my marketing agency. Two people have profoundly marked me, the first is my great teacher in the art of selling Dan Tyre, who is the best teacher and most motivator I have had in a long time."

-Ana Aldea, DataSocial


"Dan was awesome in his presentation of The Inbound Organization to the TT Electronics GMS Division at their Global Sales Meeting in Phoenix, AZ. Dan's enthusiasm and energy were felt throughout his talk. He did a great job of waking everyone up and getting them involved and focused on his message"

-Keith Gutierrez, Modgility


"Dan Tyre knows sales; his credentials speak for themselves. More importantly, though, he's motivated in the right way and brings such an abundance of sincere enthusiasm and positive energy to his work that it's contagious."

-Ethan Beute, BombBomb

"Hey Dan, I just watched your webinar with SDR Nation, and it was great! I was there at the beginning of the session yesterday but had to leave, and I was sad about it because you had such great fun energy! Thanks for your time and the tips! I've been to many sessions/webinars, and you are definitely the best host I've seen so far"

-Yasmine Boukadoum, Lob

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"Thanks for being so engaging and making it fun. It's great to hear from someone that came from the SDR role. Not only you came from the SDR role but you're a pioneer and did it 14 years ago."

-Amir Mourtazov, lightspeed

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"I have known and worked with Dan Tyre for more than 20 years. When you meet someone like Dan, you stay close. He has such a positive impact and is constantly looking for ways to help. He is the embodiment of the human “ripple effect”, people simple benefit by being in his wake. I have personally seen huge gains in my business by being associated with Dan. Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely and I have often felt isolated or that I’m in a vacuum of my own thoughts which are not always right! When I reached out to Dan to have him help me with my sales team, he jumped at the chance to help us shore things up. He spent hours on Zoom with me and my team – walking through call scripts, asking about clients, reworking, and establishing new protocols for meetings and helping us upgrade our metrics. He shared his knowledge about why people buy and what we were doing that was great versus things that could be done better and more efficiently. He made us better in very short order. When you work with Dan know that he is invested in you, your mission, your goals – you know this because it is evident that he makes your goal his own goal. Your mission becomes his mission. You don’t find that in many mentors, but you certainly get it with Dan." Also, his mantra of “doing good in the universe” isn’t just some slick marketing schtick – he truly is doing good in the universe. Whether I call him to go help me get toys for kids in foster care, help find mentors for at youth risk, join a non-profit board or go to Mexico and build a house, Dan not only signs up, but he recruits everyone in his network to help with the lift.”

-Allen Plunkett, Phoenix Staff